Finance management and financial modelling

We model finances for PPP, EU funded and various other types of projects. Our analysis will help you make investment decisions and find the best way to implement the project.

Investment projects, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses

We employ tools which help you make an investment decision and finds the best way to implement the project.

Management and administration of projects

We will make you project happen and deal with all of the required administration and paperwork.

Training and conferences

We teach what we know best. We can provide you with the latest news, knowledge and know-how of project management and implementation.

Sectors we work in

Waste management     ●     Water supply and wastewater     ●     Transport and logistics     ●     Energy     ●     Medicine     ●     IT

About us

We have been working in consultancy business since 1995. On a local scale, we are one of the most experienced company in Lithuania.  We have acquired plentiful experience working in a number of sectors: environmental protection, energy, IT, tourism and culture. Throughout our lifetime we have implemented more than 300 projects in Lithuania and abroad and developed a wide range of useful connections and partners from Denmark, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain.


We have mastered our work throughout theoretical and practical knowledge. Each of us loves to constantly improve and learn. We closely follow developments in consultancy business and actively participate in leading events


Team is something we hold of great value. It is the basis for interesting and quality performance. We build on confidence and trust of each other.


We are free, individualistic and responsible. We inspire each other to share our opinions and encourage critical thinking. We are tolerant and respectful of our clients and colleagues opinions.

We are reliable and trust worthy. In order to fill client’s needs we employ our longtime knowledge  and  solid connections with other consultancy professionals from all around the world.

Our team

We love to learn, hence we are backed by our knowledge, competence and education. In case of complex and manifold projects we collaborate with external experts and professionals, funds and institutions who are able to provide financing.

Hi, nice to meet you!

<strong>Jonas Stravinskas, PhD, CMC</strong>
Jonas Stravinskas, PhD, CMCCEO, Founder

Tel.: +370 699 44655

<strong>Aurelija Bakutienė</strong>
Aurelija BakutienėCOO

On maternity leave

<strong>Sigitas Rinkevičius</strong>
Sigitas RinkevičiusPartner

Tel.: +370 685 80614

<strong>Lijana Kanarskienė</strong>
Lijana KanarskienėPartner

Tel.: +370 650 59831

Our work

During the last 20 years we have prepared and administered hundreds of projects.

Learn about our work by reading our experience booklet we have assembled for you.

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Countries we have work experience in:

Lithuania     ●     Ukraine     ●     Turkey     ●     Belarus     ●     Kazakhstan     ●     Kyrgyzstan     ●     Kosovo

Our clients

We love our clients. Meet them!

US AID Ukraine
Lietuvos Energija
UAB Amber Grid
Klaipėdos valstybinio jūrų uosto direkcija
AB Lietuvos paštas
Lietuvos nacionalinis radijas ir televizija
VšĮ Registrų centras
Lietuvos Respublikos finansų ministerija
Lietuvos Respublikos Ūkio ministerija
LR Aplinkos ministerija
LR socialinės apsaugos ir darbo ministerija
Lietuvos centrinis valstybės archyvas
Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė
VšĮ Centrinė projektų valdymo agentūra
Vilniaus Universitetas
Vilniaus prancūzų pradinė mokykla
AB  Šiaulių energija
UAB Toksika
Gamtos tyrimų centras
VĮ Vidaus vandens kelių direkcija
UAB Dzūkijos vandenys
UAB Klaipėdos regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras
VšĮ Šiaulių regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras.
UAB Panevėžio regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras
UAB Utenos regiono atliekų tvarkymo centras
UAB Marijampolės apskrities atliekų tvarkymo centras
Rokiškio vandenys
Varėnos vandenys
VšĮ Vilniaus miesto psichikos sveikatos centras
VšĮ Regioninė Telšių ligoninė

We are one of the strongest in consultancy business.


Get in touch with us if you have any inquiries or offers. Visit us! We cannot wait to see you.

Nočios g. 15A-12
LT-03103 Vilnius Lithuania

+370 5 2773777

+370 5 2032856


Jostra Ltd
Company code: 223351170
VAT code: LT233511716
Bank account: LT527044060001096232
Bank: AB SEB
Bank Code: 70440